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Branching Out Tree Care Experts

Conveniently based out of FOREST Va., Branching Out Tree Care Experts has been serving the greater Lynchburg area for 14 years

  • Branching Out Tree Care Experts: Emergency tree removal in Lynchburg and Forest
  • Branching Out Tree Care Experts: Stump and tree removal in Lynchburg and Forest
  • Branching Out Tree Care Experts: Tree cabling and bracing in Lynchburg and Forest
  • Branching Out Tree Care Experts: Tree health in Lynchburg and Forest
  • Branching Out Tree Care Experts: Tree planning in Lynchburg and Forest
  • Branching Out Tree Care Experts: Tree pruning in Lynchburg and Forest
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Affordable arboristry services for Forest and surrounding areas.

Welcome to Branching Out Tree Care Experts. Ethical, engaged, and experienced in all facets of tree care.for Forest, VA.

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"Branching Out tree arborist climbing for the crown"

We are tree professionals specializing in large tree removal and pruning as well as storm damaged tree rectification work. In addition, we also offer the following services for the Forest, VA. area:

  • - Tree Health Maintenance
  • - Emergency Tree Services
  • - Tree Cabling and Bracing
  • - Tree Removal Including Haz. Extractions
  • - Land and Lot Clearing
  • - Tree Pruning
  • - Tree Trimming
  • - Emerald Ash Borer detection and treatment

Landscape Preservation

  1. Protect property values and preserve the natural beauty of your landscape through the arboristry services Branching Out offers. Trees we have cared for in Forest, including Ivy Hill and other neighborhoods in and around Forest provides a visual reminder of how we integrate quality with integrity, making us your most logical choice when it comes to the safety and appearance of your trees.. Referrals from past customers are gladly provided upon request

How much does it cost to cut down and remove a tree is always asked of us. We respond by letting you know that we will work with you to obtain the price that you are happy with and can afford. This means no sales pressure techniques, or false promises of having the lowest price.


Family owned and operated, Branching Out Tree Care treats trees and shrubs in the Forest area as if they were our own... Unlike branded big name company's that are rapidly coming into the tree service industry, everything we do is supervised by our owner, Tim the tree man.

This means that your trees will be cut correctly every time, equating to service that is impossible to beat by companies that are directed person's unseen.

For your convenience, we provide free consultations to residential and commercial property owners for any tree project big or small. Our customer testimonials as well as the vast wealth of knowledge we have personally written here and on our Facebook page (please visit to learn more) is in place to help you make a safe uniformed decision in your search for a capable tree service provider.

To sum it up... WE SIMPLY CARE !

Practical Tree Care Saves Time and Money

Trees sometimes take up more space than any other thing in your yard ...nothing stands out more in a well maintained yard than a tree that has had its branches professionally pruned. Tree Pruning

Our top notch tree climber

Quick tree tip: excessive moss on trees is an indication that tree root rot may be present.

We are honored to be the only second generation tree service company in the greater Forest, Lynchburg area. Don’t rely on the newbies as we refer to the countless tree companies that spring up each start of the busy season. Once a cut has been made there’s no taking it back. We offer professional cuts at quality prices. Always.....climbing for the crown