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Conveniently based out of FOREST Va., Branching Out Tree Care Experts has been serving the greater Lynchburg area for 14 years

  • Branching Out Tree Care Experts: Emergency tree removal in Lynchburg and Forest
  • Branching Out Tree Care Experts: Stump and tree removal in Lynchburg and Forest
  • Branching Out Tree Care Experts: Tree cabling and bracing in Lynchburg and Forest
  • Branching Out Tree Care Experts: Tree health in Lynchburg and Forest
  • Branching Out Tree Care Experts: Tree planning in Lynchburg and Forest
  • Branching Out Tree Care Experts: Tree pruning in Lynchburg and Forest
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Affordable arboristry services for Lynchburg and Forest and surrounding areas.

If you are looking for a reliable tree service company near me in Lynchburg and Forest then look no further.

Welcome to Branching Out Tree Care Experts. Bringing 20 yrs of top notch tree care experience to your doorstep.

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"Branching Out tree removal in Lynchburg and Forest"

Local to Lynchburg and Forest, our tree cutting company specializes in large tree removal and pruning as well as storm damaged tree rectification work. In addition, we also offer a comprehensive list of tree services for the Forest, VA. area:

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Ethical, engaged, and experienced tree care company

With Branching Out Tree Care Experts you will be assured of honest pricing, and attention to every detail of your tree cutting project. Trust only Branching Out of Lynchburg Va. for all of your tree care needs!


Family owned and operated two decades running we are the most knowledgeable tree care company in the Lynchburg and Forest region! In todays times with the internet especially you can not be too careful when choosing the right tree care company.

We are waiting to hear from you! But before you do, look over our entire site here for a quick tree care company tutorial. To sum it up... WE SIMPLY CARE !

Practical Tree Care Saves Time and Money

Trees sometimes take up more space than any other thing in your yard ...nothing stands out more in a well maintained yard than a tree that has had its branches professionally pruned. Tree Pruning

A dead, dying, or pesky tree can present a host of problems for you and your family. No matter how big or small, we have done it all when it comes to tree removal. {Tree removal}

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Quick tree tip: excessive moss on trees is an indication that tree root rot may be present.


Branching out did tree removal and trimming on our property here at SML. Every tree had to be climbed and lowered. Very difficult steep terrain with retaining walls and a paved path to contend with. Branching out was simply incredible. Every tree was lowered under complete control. no property damage. Completely clean when the job was done. The only way we know they were here is the lake now looking at us completely unobstructed. My highest recommendation is given to this company.

— roger whyte

Tim and his crew did a great job. I had spoken to Tim about a couple trees, I added another one and they took care of them for a great price.

— Chuck Guilliams

Tim N. and his crew arrived (Lynchburg, VA) and offered a very fair estimate. Days later, once weather cleared, they were hard at work. They did so well we extended the contract to complete other jobs while their equipment was on site. They were skilled and have a decades of knowledge and experience. I called other tree services and had bad luck getting them to show up, very disappointing. One tree company showed up a week late but never got back with me. Another was an hour late for the estimate and when I called to see what the hold-up was, they were "out fishing." Still another tree company said they'd call me back within the hour. Three weeks later I did get the call, but it was too late; Branching Out Tree Care Experts had already competently and professionally completed the job and then some. Very Pleased and will use again in the future. Our tree removal jobs were not easy but they took the time and care to do it right. Thanks Guys.

— Jonathan Pelletier

Simply put and with no regard to pride we are the best when it comes to tree removal and tree trimming.

All we can say is take time to know who you are calling to your doorstep.

American small businesses depend on fellow American citizens and we take care of our own. Please consider this when looking for a capable reliable tree company. Times are changing quickly and consideration should be given to it. Thank you for your patronage and for your dedication to making America a better place to raise your family.