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Branching Out Tree Care Experts

Conveniently based out of FOREST Va., Branching Out Tree Care Experts has been serving the greater Lynchburg area for 14 years

How BRANCHING OUT Saves You More

Saving more

Serving the greater Lynchburg area for 15 + yrs. our family owned business has picked up on ways to operate in a manner that is conducive to the welfare of our customers .. We have the lowest operating cost of any legitimate fully insured tree company in the Lynchburg area. Below are only a few of the things that set us apart from the competition

7 ways we can save you money:

  1. Family owned means trust. This equates to honest hard working men who get more done in a shorter period of time.
  2. Our employees are life long members, each having a part of the company...this means there are no repeated training costs, and a much more caring and attentive individual who wants to keep you as a customer.
  3. With no mortgage payments to be made we own our own 5 acre woodyard, complete with repair shop. This allows us to operate at a lower overhead than other big name companies like Monster tree who pay large fees to dump wood waste and to store their trucks & equipment.
  4. All maintenance is conducted in house at our repair shop/storage facility.. Other big name companies must pay big prices to keep their equipment up to par. When they fail to perform this they must buy high dollar items over and over again - and it happens often in this industry.
  5. We have free and unobstructed access to a second woodyard off of Blackwater Rd. in Forest Va. This equates to less driving time as we travel back and forth from the customers we serve in the greater Lynchburg area.
  6. We custom build our own high performance saws at our in house chainsaw repair shop. This equates to faster cut times and less costs for expensive necessities such ss chainsaw bars chains and other high maintenance parts.
  7. Having been in business for 15+ yrs. Branching Out Tree Care Experts has an A+ track record. As it pertains to our extensive coverage of insurance this equates to lower rates than other tree services that has had repeated claims for property damage, personal injury, and vehicle claims from crashed tree service trucks.( more common occurrences in the tree care industry)
Saving more Saving more

Quality tree service work does not come cheap. While there are many companies claiming to have low price guarantees special attention should be made to how they could make such claims. We at Branching Out Tree Care Experts do not have a low price guarantee, what we do guarantee is you will get more for what you pay for when choosing us.

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We are honored to be the only second generation tree service company in the greater Forest, Lynchburg area. Don’t rely on the newbies as we refer to the countless tree companies that spring up each start of the busy season. Once a cut has been made there’s no taking it back. We offer professional cuts at quality prices. Always.....climbing for the crown