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Branching Out Tree Care Experts

Conveniently based out of FOREST Va., Branching Out Tree Care Experts has been serving the greater Lynchburg area for 14 yrs

Tree Service Companies, a view from the inside

A tree service truck driving slow - faded out chipper in tow. Coming down the road they make the turn - and young minds begin to burn...

A neighbor wandering around his yard - last nights storm sure hit hard...

Broken branches are spotted in the trees....Dont worry partner, soon we will be busy as bees...

But the truck creeps on by...not stopping the driver mumbles, " better wait on this one, that one is way too high"....

Two guys bargaining against luck - and the thoughts continue... " Man, I bet that yard is full of bucks"...

Tree trucks with chippers in tow are everywhere it seems...though it may go along with the theme of the american way., operating a small business - what many are doing is learning as they go. The end result is most often times a butchered tree and or damage to persons or property. We have seen it all to often and its only getting worse it looks. This is why the poem was created.

The plain jest of it all is that it takes much more than a chainsaw, chipper, bucket truck and a paper stating insurance coverage to perform tree care the proper way.

Trees are intricate living organisms that require experienced and knowledgeable tree arborists in order to prevent danger and damage to both them, the people working on them and to your property.

So how did all those tree companies come to be ?

Wind and weather wreaking destruction upon trees was an open avenue for people looking for work. There are at least a dozen newer tree companies in the Forest area alone operating as a result of the rwo derichios and tornadoe that hit in recent years.

Recent storms came at a time when unemployment was high, attracting people looking for work who figured doing residential tree work couldnt be much different than cutting firewood as they had been doing in their own yards - moving from their yards to the many neighborhoods that dot the Forest, Smith Mtn.Lake area..

Most of those guys quickly realized that the already established and reputable tree companies were charging premiums for their services.

As a professional tree service company owner for a decade and a half I have personally had at least five of my past employees leave on the premise of why should I work for him when I can do it myself. They were only around long enough to come up with a simple plan to make it on their own. And off they went, coming up with a name and knocking on doors. No insurance, no in depth experience at trimming trees the proper way.

This is why we now like to keep our operation small and in the family so to speak. This way you can be rest assured that your trees will be well taken care of.

The tree service industry has attracted people of all types and diversities looking to make big money quuck. In fact, the latest trend is for retrees to use their 401k to start tree services...some buying into franchises . Everyone has to make a living but the tree service industry is not one to be taken lightly ...or jumped into without having the proper background. Its just too dangerous and trees should not be cut on any way a person seems fit.

Another trend, this one fueled by the internet, is for people to use their computer prowness abilities to upstart tree services. Going on blueprints that Home Advisor and Angies list has created - companies that use their clout to place their websites high on google AND WHO CHARGE CONTRACTORS PREMIUMS FOR THEIR JOB LEADS, - small time entrepreneurst lure in unsuspecting people looking to have tree work performed through legitimate looking and sounding websites they create. They oftentimes post fake pictures from the web, fake press releases to gain traction in ranking their sites and good sounding things... stuff like..., " if our sign is not in your yard you paid to much."

These same people then turn around and give discounts if contracts are signed on site before their competition has a chance of speaking with the customer and offering a better deal. They sell your contact info to any tree service they can find or take a cut of the job. This is happening in Lynchburg and as a owner of a legitimate tree service these people have contacted me trying to sell job leads.

Tree work is extremely dangerous and unpredictable..It is a trade that has taken the lives of many a seasoned tree care worker, not to mention the countless amateurs that has attempted it.

Statistics prove this. In fact, it shows that the recent surgence of new tree services has sent the mortality rate of tree workers through the roof, and limbs through the tops of houses and garages as well - many times the entire tree itself. Fact is that franchised tree services are dangerous.

The tree service industry has changed dramatically in the decade and a half since I came into it. The love of the job is why I keep doing it. Caring for people is why I write about it.

So how can one tell what is what and who is who when it comes to choosing the right tree service provider? Well, keep in mind that it takes more that a certificate of insurance and a bucket truck to perform tree work the proper way. And also remember that smiles can leave you wondering how such a legitimate sounding company could have made such a mess of things.

In the end, doing your homework is the best way to protect yourself.

It takes years and years of practice, study, and real life happenings through trial and error to learn the tree care proffession.

Theres simply too many things that are unforeseeable which makes a seasoned tree man reconsider how to attempt things on future jobs things that newcomers learn the hard way and at your expense.